Restoring Civility, Humility, Humanity and Respect

About Horace

So that America and the world may get to know me without delay, I am against no one; what I am is pro-America, pro-People, and as important, I am a proud independent-minded American of African Ancestry.

There are many items that I am deeply and passionately involved in and have been so for many years, which includes being a freethinker. As you get to know me and begin to support me openly, know this too, I carry a big stick everywhere I go. Yet on a lighter note, I love honey, the sweeter, the better. “Restore — Secure — Progress” … and push forward.

Vision Outlook

  • To rebuild trust and respect and bring an end to the vicious divisiveness that
    splits US and keeps U.S. divided.
  • To restore civility, humility and humanity and to show sincere concern for our fellow citizens.
  • To ensure a cyber-secure America, and her allies.
  • To develop a comprehensive policy that encompasses the whole of Africa and the developing countries around the world.
  • To have a civil proGun & proChoice discourse with actionable, achievable goals as the outcome on day one.

I am the only candidate who is "uniquely" qualified to be President of the United States.

I am uniquely qualified because like many, I have stood guard, on watch, willing and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this country. And I live just like most Americans and inhabitants, I scrape together, pinch pennies, and save every little bit where I can, until an unexpected emergency happens that drains my resources and sets my family back.

My family pinch pennies at the gas-station and clip coupons at the grocery store and commissary to stretch every cent. Yet I know deep in my heart that America can do better by her less fortunate. I pray that my family is not hit by an emergency. However paying my 2018 taxes was tantamount to a medical emergency or home or car repair bill. 

The December 2017 tax cuts that the president and the republican party pushed through that gave huge, possibly permanent tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans literally cost me over five thousand dollars in taxes, which I paid with a credit-card just days before the tax deadline. That was my emergency.

When I’m elected the middle-class and working poor will receive a tax rebate of at least a thousand dollars the first year, two thousand the second year, and three thousand in my third year. God knows the poor and working class blue collar and no-collared workers desperately need a real helping hand.