The last major executive level actions taken with respect to immigration reformed came under the stewardship of the former president Barrack Obama, and prior to that, it truly occurred during the reign of president Ronald Reagan. Here is the bottom line, my campaign will pursue a “common sense” approach to border control.

The Game Plan

America is a Great Country. As such, America is the country where a great many people from around the world wish to visit and have thoughts and desires of joining the Great American Family. But under the current administration, even America’s closest friends, allies, and strategic partners questions America’s leadership like never before. Many have curtailed their travel to America. Tourism for many is suffering. Yet asylum seekers and immigrants still see America as a better place to live in and work in and raise a family in than their birth countries. My administration will fix the southern border problem within my first term as president. We, The People, will fix America’s southern and northern border policy.

The Plan is not difficult to achieve in my eyes. The plan is to set America on the course of decency, where the cornerstones of civility, humility, humanity, and respect are provided to all Citizens and guests and inhabitants. To achieve the plan, I will bring America’s issues to you, the People, Americans, Patriots, at home and abroad, where collectively we will solve America’s problems – be they small or large, natural or manmade, war and/or peace. It will be each and every one of us ‘Americans’ who will run this country, not Russia nor Arabia nor any other foreign country or land. Together we can and will bring this to fruition. We will restore America to her wholeness, to her goodwill as previously seen around the world, restoring her to being that shining beacon upon the hill.

Yet we face a herculean effort that needs your dedication and support in every manner and in every means; the fight won’t be easy but with your commitment and your contributions, We, The People, will regain control of this Land. Give whatever you can and track our progress as We Take Back Our Country. The World will again follow America’s lead.