Health Care

I believe that we should take care of our weakest members to the best of our abilities as a nation. For some, that may mean receiving food vouchers, decent low income housing, and of course healthcare. The Affordable Healthcare Act was certainly a major step in the right direction. I believe that the ACA is worthy of revisiting, strengthening, and restoring. It is unconscionable in this day and age, and in this country to not assist the most vulnerable amongst us. Especially when it comes down to one’s health and wellness. A preventive healthcare policy is where I will find common ground within the healthcare system.

Frankly, I believe that we need to create an alternative healthcare system that is not bound by the bottomline, interested ancillary agencies such as insurance companies. One that is not held hostage to high profit pharmaceuticals, but one that makes good common sense. Expanding the Health Department to offer Nurse Practitioners and Doctors at Community centers across America is a good common sense approach to ensuring the weakest among us are able to access the healthcare system. Further, we should use existing infrastructure and add the necessary pieces that will give us the results we need to protect people’s health and wellness. This will essentially be a Healthcare Safety Net for people who have fallen on hard times, and who’s resources aren’t sufficient, or other major limiting factor whereby an individual simply can’t make it any other way.