Guns and Abortions

America knows firsthand that in a Democracy, even with the best of intentions, not every measure passes with ease. These two issues are central to who we are as Americans. They require a unique and bold strategy. I will bet my presidency on obtaining a balance whereby all Americans, those who are for Guns (pro second amendment), those who are opposed to Citizens bearing arms, those who are for Choice (Roe v. Wade) and those in opposition, will say that that approach is fair and just and that I can live by said standards and terms.

We are the United States of America. In the short history of this land, America has fought internal hot wars and cold ones too, but nothing keeps us so at odds than the positions that we take when it comes to these two issues. Again, I’ll pledge my presidency on the fact that America will have resolve on these life and death issues. We will begin by re-examining our religious and moral compass and then we will validate or re-validate or otherwise our positions and stances to the Constitution.

Resolving these issues will be to my administration what the Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare was to the Obama administration and what collusion and obstruction of justice and lawlessness are to the Trump administration. America will prevail. We must meet face to face on these issues. You name the place and I will be there.

With deepest sincerity & respect for America – we must get this Right.