Cyber Security

I believe the most important threat against our country is that of a major cyber attack, or cyber warfare. We are in the cyber-age, and as such, we are logically and virtually surrounded by countries and entities who do not have our best interests at heart; such entities manipulate and hack into our cyber-infrastructure, seemingly at will, via vulnerable programs, a porous National infrastructure, and via social media to influence societal change and cause dissension among us.

As a cybersecurity professional, ensuring the security of our National and local cyber-infrastructure will be my top priority. Identity theft is real, and so is state-sponsored and non-state sponsored cyber threat actors and agencies. Criminal cyber activities have become part and parcel to the cyber-ecosystem. Whether a threat agent arises from within, or from abroad, the world relies upon computers interfacing with other computers to form local, wide-area, and global area networks i.e., the worldwide web.

America has a solution, and that solution runs through the expertise of the most professional women and men of the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM)—though not inclusive—and the intelligence community. The cyber battleground will be with us for as far as the mind can see.

Taking on Cyber Threats with Existing Agencies

During my twenty-seven years in the military I was fortunate enough to see the creation and institutionalization of at least two new commands structures: the United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) and USCYBERCOM. Respectively, each command has the following missions: to monitor and facilitate diplomatic, military and economic actions throughout the whole of Africa; and to monitor, interdict and take actions to prevent cyber warfare directed against the U.S. and our allies.

I am against no one except for when it comes to external and internal cyber threat agents attempting to breech, and succeeding at breeching our National cyber-infrastructure, thus impacting U.S. Citizens at home and abroad. It is time for both commands along with the intelligence community to burn the midnight oil. Collectively all of us, government, public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations and the like, must strengthen our cyber defenses and operations.

Would a foreign government, enemy or otherwise need to invade America’s soil and literally have boots on the ground, or in today’s cyber-age, when such an entity can simply breech our National cyber-infrastructure, and our current batch of government leaders seem to come to the very aid of said entity. It is time now to dump those government managers and elect real leaders; cyber-savvy leaders. 

America needs leaders and leadership. It’s time to replace the ineffective leaders that we currently have. It is time to elect country-loving Americans who will defend America above all others.

I approve the hell out of this message.